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The strength of an effective association is the ability to connect resources to the members. The Missouri Association of Manufacturers is constantly identifying relevant data and information, supplies and materials - forging strong relationships in the industry and striving to the manufacturers of Missour.

HR tools and resources, best practices, upcoming events and seminars, compliance deadlines

Information, program and course offerings, compliance information and resources to support Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) in the workplace

Health and wellness information, programs and information

Current bills, legislative contact information, helpful links

Education programs, resources,

reports and more

Helpful ideas, information and resources

Cybersecurity requirements and compliance, latest updates, resources

Marketing resources, information,

and ideas

Reports, best practices,


Articles & links, checklists, and

contact information

Facts and information 

about Missouri

Resources, information, programs and more


Missouri Partnership is a public-private economic development organization here to assist you when you’re ready to expand into a new location.

    Since 2008, Missouri Partnership has worked with partners statewide to attract companies that have created 29,000+ new jobs, $1.5 billion+ in new annual payroll, and $4.8 billion+ in new capital investment.


Manufacturing Podcasts

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making chips logo.jfif
manu exec logo.png

Zen and the Art of Manufacturing

By Bryan Sapot

The Manufacturing Report
By Scott Paul

Making Chips
By Jason Zenger & Jim Carr

The Manufacturing Executive
By Gorilla 76
& Joe Sullivan

MHH logo.jpg

Manufacturing Happy Hour
By Chris Luecke

Occupational Health & Safety


By Sydny Shepard

The Art of

Krisztina ‘Z’ Holly


Hear Her Story
By Women in Manufacturing Assoc.

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