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Website Checklist

A manufacturer's website should include the following information:

  • Products and services, including pictures and videos

  • Brief company history, mission, vision, and differentiators

  • Team and contact information

  • Contact form with accessible email, phone number, and mailing address

  • Testimonials

  • Relevant news and articles

Social Media Checklist

Understanding the various social media channels is important.  Start with:

  1. Identify the social media objective

  2. Conduct a social media audit and analysis

  3. Develop and refine your social brand

  4. Select the social media channels you should utilize

  5. Focus on content creation and curation

  6. Manage your social media community, posting relevant content consistently

  7. Review performance often, making changes when necessary

Podcasts covering Marketing in Manufacturing

manu exec logo.png

The Manufacturing Executive
By Gorilla 76
& Joe Sullivan

MHH logo.jpg

Manufacturing Happy Hour
By Chris Luecke


The Manufacturing Marketer
By Gorilla 76

Member and Partner Resources & Information

Marketing is a key function of all manufacturing organizations. It connects manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and customers to your product.

Remember, most start the purchasing process in a similar way - through an online search.


Recruitment Challenges? How Manufacturers can Hire the Right Talent

It's no secret. Manufacturing recruitment has been facing challenges for the last several years. Finding the right talent may be difficult, but it's not impossible.

Industrial Marketing Technical Content Essentials

Marketing to technical professionals in the manufacturing industry is deeper than branding. Industry professionals are skeptical, analytical, and experts in their fields. Quick, catchy headlines and superlatives don’t mean a thing if you can’t back up your claims with relevant proof or data – quickly. Because purchase decisions are often large and long term, buyers need a variety of compelling and up-to-date content that addresses their exact pain points.

Industrial Video Marketing

Video marketing has become essential for most industries to acquire and even retain current customers. Videos tell a story that often cannot be told as well through text or static images alone. Also, videos can be powerful when there is no chance to tell your story face to face with a client or prospect.

Industrial Branding

Branding for B2B industrial is much more complex for Consumer B2B or B2C marketing.  Industrial brands must promote many more factors regarding the manufacturer/vendor as much as the product it produces.  See the characteristics your buyers consider important.

Challenges of Manufacturing Marketing

COVID-19 and new Millennial customer/decision makers are creating challenges for industrial marketing that will require new approaches, particularly online Here are some of the issues and solutions.

MAM's "I AM" Campaign Aims to Re-Brand Manufacturing.

Meet some of today's Missouri Manufacturers.

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