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As a manufacturer, are you facing increased health care costs or looking for a better heal

The Missouri Association of Manufacturers (MAM) led the way in ensuring all Missouri manufacturers have access to affordable health insurance with robust benefits. MAM members can access health insurance through a collective group purchasing effort.


MAM HEALTHSource (MAMHS) provides employers with competitive,

high-quality group insurance offerings. MAM’s agent oversees the billing

and eligibility processes. The health insurance provider has sole discretion on all claim payments. 


Contact MAM for more information at 417-863-7262 or via email at


MAM HEALTHSource Partners


Your Health Care Solution!  Enjoy peace-of-mind with quality health insurance coverage that you can count on. Cox HealthPlans — the only locally based health insurance company in the Ozarks — provides a variety of options for you, your family, your children and your employees. Since they are affiliated with CoxHealth, you can be confident in knowing you will always receive the highest standard of care.


Connell Insurance sees its role a little differently than most agencies.

Their agents aren’t simple order-takers because they understand that when it comes to helping clients manage their risks, insurance is just the beginning. By taking the time to know you and your business – and your family – Connell Insurance develops a clear understanding of your needs, even when they extend beyond insurance.

Nonstop - insurance as it should be. Nonstop is revolutionizing health insurance. Affordable, straightforward, first-dollar coverage for HealthSource participants. It's not too good to be true - it's just the way it should be.


  • Competitive Pricing on Multiple Plan Offerings

  • Potential Savings of up to 40%

  • Greater Risk Pool Protection

  • Multiyear Rate Cap Guarantees

  • Premium Dividend Incentives

  • Long-Term Rate Stability Strategy

  • Largest PPO Network: Cox HealthPlans / FirstHealth Network

  • Integrated Compliance Assistance

  • Attentive Customer Service

  • Single Source Solutions


Participation is reserved for Missouri manufacturers that are MAM Members. To become a MAM Member, click on the “Membership” tab located at the top of the browser. 

For information or question on accessing your MAM Member benefits, call Nancy Smith at 
417-863-7262, or email at

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When it comes to health plans, it can be a bit confusing. 

Connect to Cox HealthPlans

Frequently Asked Questions

to get some clarification.

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