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Green tax initiatives for manufacturers in the Inflation Reduction Act

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401(k) Program


    The Missouri Association of Manufacturers is excited to connect our manufacturing Members to financial wellness education for your employees - partnering with Dalton Stockton, CRPC, and working with Lincoln Financial Group. Help improve productivity while relieving employee financial stress.

     A recent survey by SHRM found that offering financial wellness programs to employees not only helps them focus on their work, but can help improve their overall well-being, increase employee retention, and attract new hires.

Support for

Small Manufacturers

The U.S. Small Business Administration has established a Manufacturing Office to prioritize the expansion of small U.S. manufacturers as they commercialize innovation, automate processes, enter new markets, expand capacity, and strengthen resiliency.

How SBA helps small manufacturing businesses:

  • Sell to the federal government

  • Purchase and upgrade equipment

  • Expand or renovate facilities

  • Acquire inventory

  • Establish and implement process improvement strategies

  • Develop and implement workforce recruitment and management plans

  • Export to international markets

  • Diversify supply chains and sales strategies

  • Address cybersecurity challenges

  • Conduct research and development on innovative manufacturing processes or products

Partner Resources and Information

Whether a recession is imminent or not is hard to know, but follow these steps to ensure your business is ready to weather an economic downturn whenever it comes.

Source: PNC

Whether the economy is good or bad, there’s no wrong time to sort out your business’s cash flow. Here’s how to figure out what cash reserves you need.

Source: PNC

What's your take on equipment leasing? While roughly 8 out of 10 U.S. businesses use financing for equipment and software instead of purchasing them outright, many misconceptions still exist. 


First American

Many companies are exploring leasing as a complement to existing finance sources. About 80% of businesses in the United States utilize equipment leasing or financing to fund their operations,
according to the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA).


First American

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