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This program was created and is sponsored by the Missouri Association of Manufacturers.

Proud to be in partnership with the Buy Missouri Program of the Office of the Lieutenant Governor


All manufacturers with a facility in the state of Missouri are encouraged to be a part of the Made In Missouri USA movement. Participants will receive the Made In Missouri USA logo for promotional use on goods, equipment, and marketing materials. There is no cost or obligation to participate in the Made In Missouri USA global awareness campaign. Please read the Guidelines for Use listed below.

Custom artwork is available -- Your company logo can be placed within the center of the Made in Missouri USA logo.

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Guidelines for Use of the Made in Missouri USA Logo
Missouri Association of Manufacturers (“MAM”) owns all rights, trademarks, and copyrights in relation to the Made In Missouri USA logo (“logo”). By utilizing the logo, the manufacturer agrees to the following usage guidelines:

Logo Notices
The Made In Missouri USA logo is a registered trademark of featured words or symbols, used to identify the source of its goods and services. The information and materials contained within this guideline and the terms and conditions of the access to and use of such information and materials are subject to change without notice.

Logo Guidelines
The manufacturer has the right, but not the obligation, to create and showcase the Made In Missouri USA logo for promotional purposes of your company as a registered manufacturer in the State of Missouri. Permission to place, copy and distribute the Made In Missouri USA logo on the manufacturer’s promotional and marketing materials, including brochures, signage, websites, and other branding collateral, as appropriate, to promote the Made In Missouri USA campaign is granted, provided that the logo is placed only on products that are manufactured, assembled or made within the State of Missouri.
the logo is not edited, altered, or modified in any way, except as expressly set forth herein. The logo size, in its entirety, may be increased or decreased as necessary to fit onto approved products, promotional, and marketing materials.

As an alternative, the manufacturer’s logo or brand icon may be placed in the alternate Made In Missouri USA logo in the pre-designated and pre-sized space provided. All guidelines and requirements herein apply to the use of alternate logo design. The manufacturer shall not obtain any right, title, or interest in the Missouri Association of Manufacturers or Made In Missouri USA as a result of usage of the logo or logo design.

Limitation of Liability
Because of the possibility of human and mechanical error as well as other factors, MAM is not responsible for any errors in or omissions of information from the usage of the Made In Missouri USA logo. Such logo is provided "as is" to the user without express or implied warranties of any kind including the warranties of merchantability or non-infringement of intellectual property for any particular purpose.

Except as may be otherwise expressly provided by written agreement between MAM and the manufacturer, MAM will have no tort, contract, or any other liability to the user and/or any third party arising in connection with the use of this logo, or reliance on any information or services provided as a result of usage of this logo. MAM will under no circumstances be liable to the user and/or any third party, regardless of the form of action, for any lost profits or lost opportunity, or any indirect, special, consequential, incidental, or punitive damages, whatsoever, even if MAM has been advised of the possibility of such damages. MAM, by developing a logo, does not waive its sovereign immunity.

The terms of this guideline and disclaimer are governed by Missouri law. By use of the Made In Missouri USA logo, the manufacturer agrees to abide by the stated terms and guidelines. MAM retains ownership rights to the Made In Missouri USA logo, trademark, and design; therefore, changes must be approved and made by MAM or MAM’s designee. MAM reserves the right to restrict or refuse the usage of the said logo by the manufacturer if it is found to have been used for purposes other than those stated, or the manufacturer, or third party on behalf of the manufacturer, is in violation of any of the usage or production guidelines.

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