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Steel-Toed Boots on the Ground


We get asked about our tour experiences . . .

MAM is committed to bringing value to the Manufacturers of Missouri. We know in order to do this, we have to be out there - paved highways and gravel roads. We have to go to them.

     We have to see what they make and hear their stories. We have to understand their challenges and celebrate their victories.

     We have to connect with them if we are to embrace the State of Manufacturing . . . today, and moving forward.

      To date, we have visited 208 manufacturers around Missouri - at their facilities, visiting with their people, and in their communities.

     With every tour, we see something that we haven't seen before. We learned. We engaged. We shared.

      Here are some of our incredible experiences; what we have seen and heard visiting with Missouri manufacturers. The goal here is to take you along with us and share our takeaways. We have had a lot of great experiences, some not so good, and one that . . . well, unique.

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