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Ideas from Missouri Manufacturers for 
Talent Attraction and Retention


Volunteer Time Off (VTO) is a program that several Missouri manufacturers have included in their benefits package, paying up to 4 days a year for employees to volunteer within their community. 

Simply having this type of offering resonates with the younger generation for talent attraction, and retention with an existing workforce.

In visiting with a group of students in a rural community who spent the day visiting with several companies, they all wanted to go to work for the one company that had a VTO program for their employees.


In spring 2023, Good Dads hosted a pilot Fundamentals of Fatherhood course as an employee benefit at a Missouri manufacturer.


This is an 8-part course designed to encourage positive father involvement. provided to employees over lunch, once a week for

8 weeks.

Good Dads is the only organization in Missouri focused on helping all dads be more engaged with their children.


Your business’s commitment to encouraging engaged fatherhood translates to a significant economic impact—for your business and for the community.

Here’s some data to back that up. 

Happy dads are happy employees. According to a 2015 study that surveyed nearly 1,000 fathers working an average 46 hours/week published in the Academy of Management Perspectives, men who spend more time with their kids on a typical day are more satisfied with their jobs and are less likely to look for another job. What’s more, they experience less work-family conflict and greater enrichment in their jobs and at home. 

‍Engaged fathers are better for companies and their bottom lines. When they're at work, good dads are less distracted by family problems. Another study found that nearly $6 billion a year is lost in decreased productivity stemming from marriage and relationships. Among those relational difficulties are children impacted by less contact with their fathers. 

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