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Innovation Hub

Manufacturing starts with an idea which leads to Innovation. Innovation is at the core of every great product, every technological breakthrough. Innovation supports innovation. We are committed to supporting manufacturing innovation, excited about what can be.

In the spirit of innovation, with our Innovation Partners, the Missouri Association of Manufacturers is bringing value and benefits to our Members to do just that - support Innovation. The products and services below are designed to bring innovative resources to manufacturing with Special MAM Member pricing opportunities.

with Stronghold Data & Microsoft

The Missouri Association of Manufacturers (MAM) is your one-stop shop for your business Microsoft needs. We know how important the power of Microsoft is to Missouri Manufacturers, which is why we’ve partnered with Stronghold Data, a top 1% Microsoft Partner, to bring you an exclusive member benefit. 


When you purchase our Microsoft licensing through MAM & Stronghold, your business will receive these exclusive benefits: 


  • One-time rebate on licensing 

  • Enjoy Exclusive Microsoft Support

  • Personalized portal for Microsoft management 

  • Access to funding for other Microsoft-related projects 

  • Discount on other technology services through Stronghold Data 


Even if you already use Microsoft in your business, you can receive these benefits if you choose to purchase your licenses through MAM and Stronghold. 


Start utilizing this MAM benefit now! 

About Stronghold Data

Stronghold Data is the Microsoft Solutions Partner of MAM Members. Stronghold holds all six Microsoft Solutions Partner designations – the only MSP in the region with all six designations.  


They have over 30 years' experience providing nationally recognized IT support to manufacturers across Missouri. They have been recognized twice in the past three years with the highest award in their industry, the MSP of the Year Award (2021, 2023). With their wide-ranging knowledge and expertise, Stronghold goes beyond traditional IT support. They work alongside manufacturers to provide industry-changing solutions that can help your business reach digital maturity, outpace competitors, and journey towards new growth and optimization.   

through MAM SkillSource & Tooling U-SME

The Missouri Association of Manufacturers (MAM) has partnered with Tooling U-SME, an online training provider, to offset the cost of bringing high-quality, customized, on-site training to manufacturers. More than 500 unique online classes provide a broad offering of manufacturing training topics. Plus, every online class has been reviewed and validated by industry experts.

Online Training from MAM and Tooling U-SME offers a quick-start, progressive road map that allows manufacturers to build career paths for employees. This online training is intended to enhance your existing on the job training, to create a job progression plan and requires minimal preparation. It is efficient, effective training that has been developed with input from manufacturing experts.

Online classes are self-paced, typically taking 60 minutes to complete. They are easily and conveniently accessible on desktops and laptops, and on tablets and phones with the Tooling U-SME app.


The SkillSource Connection Alliance Partnership is designed for educational institutions and programs that align with the manufacturing industry.

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