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Throughout 2024, the Missouri Association of Manufacturers and its Partners will be hosting a Manufacturing Seminar Series to bring resources to Manufacturers in the state. These seminars will be held at the

MAM Office and throughout the state, covering a variety

of topics.

All seminars are half-day events, range from $45-$60

and include light refreshments.


Upcoming Seminars

Schedule & Topics

Aaron Solari became a student of the  Sandler Selling System while working in a  direct B2B sales role in the manufacturing industry. After graduating from Missouri State University with his bachelor’s degree in Communications and Ethical Leadership, he joined the Trustpoint team and turned his sales process study into a career. Today, he walks closely alongside sales professionals as they grow to become better versions of themselves. He will be the first to tell you the countless times he has failed and how he leverages his failures for personal growth. Aaron has a heart for servant leadership, and for helping his clients reach the next level in their sales careers.

Associate & Sandler Sales Coach with Trustpoint, LLC

Aaron Solari


Sales Training

In traveling around Missouri visiting with manufacturers we've heard companies are planning to focus internally in 2024, investing in their equipment, processes and people. That's why we have partnered with Trustpoint to bring Sandler Sales Training directly to manufacturing salespeople in Missouri.

This 4-part Sales Training will equip newer employees with the tools needed to succeed and help experienced sales professionals deepen their knowledge and confidence.

All seminars are 3 hours, will include light refreshments and will be held on the dates below at MAM's Office (1329 E Republic Rd, Ste J Springfield, MO 65804).



1 seminar




Taking the Pressure Off of Prospecting

Wednesday, September 4th  |  8:30AM-11:30AM

How many times have you sent out your information and never heard back? In this interactive session Aaron Solari will offer hands-on activities and tailored scenarios to craft and strategic prospecting system. Gain practical insights and personalized strategies, leaving with renewed confidence to navigate the competitive manufacturing sales landscape and maintain a full sales funnel.

Develop a Winner's Mentality & Bust Through Your Comfort Zones

Wednesday, November 6th  |  8:30AM-11:30AM

What’s the threat in statements like, “I never win or well at least I tried...” What is your system and process for dealing with failure and pushing past your self-limiting beliefs? In this workshop Aaron Solari will share with you psychology principles centered around self-worth and resilience to help you to unlock your potential and share the three pillars to success so you can focus on the things you and control and adjust for those that you can’t. Sales is the hardest game out there and it’s even harder for those who don’t know how to learn from failure. This is session is all about getting you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow (and how to stay out of the way)


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Whether you are focused on leadership development, process improvement, organization alignment or anything in between, these leadership seminars are for YOU!

Chad Smith from CI Solutions is an ASQ Certified Master Black Belt and Six Sigma Black Belt, ready to share his 26+ years of Continuous Improvement experience with manufacturers across Missouri. Don't miss one of these 4 seminar offerings spread throughout the state.

All seminars are 3.5 hours and guarantee valuable takeaways you can implement at your facility the same day.


1 seminar





Schedule & Topics

Organization Alignment = Breakthrough Success (Springfield, MO)

Wednesday, April 17th  |  8:30AM-Noon

MAM Office - 1329 E Republic Rd, Ste J Springfield, MO 65804

A high quality and effectively communicated true North is the best way to drive alignment and efficiencies in organizations. In this seminar, we will introduce the tool, strategy development. We will explore the process of strategy development, and practice brainstorming and affinity diagramming to equip leadership teams to discover and converge on the vital few breakthrough objectives. This becomes the basis for an organizational vision.

Everybody's Busy, but Nothing's Getting Done (Location TBD)

Thursday, May 30th  |  8:30AM-Noon

Location TBD

Discerning between value added and non-value added processes is a critically important skill to stretch scarce resources. This session will explore the concept of process waste and teach the proper way to evaluate processes to uncover the wastes. Even more, this discussion will teach people the 8 wastes of processes. This lens will foster high quality discussion in their organizations leading to breakthroughs in seeing the issues all around.

Find What You're Looking For with 5S/Visual Management: The U2 Approach! (Location TBD)

Wednesday, June 19th  |  8:30AM-Noon

Location TBD

5S/ Visual Management is the best way to communicate and remain standardized without saying a word. The 5S approach (sort, straighten, shine, standardize, sustain) is the best way to equip volunteers to succeed in your organization reducing the amount of upfront communication required to integrate them into the process. Even more, the 5S approach helps volunteer team's conduct effective and efficient hand-offs, as the process requires people to leave the work in the standard way. The session will teach the concepts and then team's will have a chance to practice their new skills.

Revolutionize Your Leadership: Master the Tools of Change for Lasting Improvement (Location TBD)

Date & Time TBD

Location TBD

Improvement would be easy if it weren't for the people. Change leadership is often the missing variable in the equation to drive effective, efficient and long-sustaining change. In this session, we will unpack the tools of change leadership and explore what you as a leader can do to help make improvement easier and more successful.


   Chad Smith applies continuous improvement methodologies to help organizations leverage their scarce human and material resources through breakthrough improvements.

   Chad has 26 years of Continuous Improvement experience in healthcare, retail, manufacturing, refining, high-tech and food having served many clients including Tyson, Ernst & Young, Anheuser Busch In-Bev, ASQ, St. Jude and SpaceX.  

   As a seasoned Continuous Improvement practitioner, Chad has helped many companies drive breakthroughs by helping organizations find their

Chad's Headshot.png

Owner, CI Solutions

Chad Smith

TruNorth through strategy deployment, uncover the major constraints through Value Stream Mapping and focus on the vital few improvements needed.  

   Chad continues to leverage his passion for helping people through adult facilitation and executive coaching through his business. Chad utilizes the adult learning and works to maintain fun and energetic sessions that keeps participants in the training moment, eliminating their potential to be distracted. In the same way, Chad makes project work with teams engaging and interesting. Above all, Chad sees he and the team’s work each day as an opportunity to give doses of hope. Through the premise of (GI)^2 (that is Give it and You will get it), servant leadership is the cornerstone of leading culture change.

   Chad is an ASQ Certified Master Black Belt (#8) and an ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (# 4615) as well as being named an ASQ Fellow in 2015. Chad is the past-chair of the ASQ Master Black Belt Exam Review Committee and is also the past-chair of ASQ’s Six Sigma Forum advisory council.

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