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Missouri Manufacturing Sustainability Certification Program

The Missouri Manufacturers Sustainability Certification Program (MMSCP) has been developed by the Missouri Association of Manufacturers (MAM) and the Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute (OEWRI) at Missouri State University (MSU). The purpose of this program is to provide Missouri manufacturers with the resources to improve their sustainability programs and provide recognition for their work.

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About the Program

The MMSCP is an ongoing program designed to help companies continually improve their sustainability efforts and initiatives. Companies that complete the online checklist for their industry will receive an onsite assessment by OEWRI to verify their performance and provide recommendations for improvement. MAM will recognize companies that score high enough on their performance as a Missouri sustainable manufacturer.

The OEWRI team, along with sponsors of the MMSCP, will continually offer guidance and services to participating companies to support their sustainability program development and improve their scores.

The following industries are eligible to participate at this time (additional industries will be added in the future):

Metal Fabrication and Machining



Food & Beverage


Two Levels Under Program

Certified - $500/yr

Companies that have completed program checklists and scored high enough for certification (verified by OEWRI).

Apprentice - $250/yr

Companies that have completed program checklists but have not yet scored high enough for certification and continue to work on their program.

Certified companies will be recognized on this page and at the annual Missouri EHS Conference hosted by MAM. Companies will also be recognized in an annual report that summarizes the amount of waste, water, energy, and operational costs achieved by participants

Presenting Sponsor

Program Managers

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