Valentine's Day

Sunday, February 14, 2021

How did Valentine’s Day get started? According to Nicol Natale, assistant editor at, no one is entirely certain.


“One theory has to do with the Christian figure St. Valentine. Way back in third century Rome, a priest named Valentine performed secret marriages to young lovers after Emperor Claudius II ordered men to stay single, thinking they made better solders as unattached. Valentine was allegedly put to death for his actions, but his legacy lives on.”


“Others believe a bishop named St. Valentine of Terni is the man who inspired Valentine's Day. He was also beheaded by Claudius II near Rome during his persecutions of Christians in 270 A.D.”


“Yet another legend says that a Roman prisoner called Valentine may have been martyred for attempting to help Christians escape the harsh conditions of prison. According to this theory, he sent the first valentine after falling in love with a girl who visited him behind bars. Afterward, he gained quite the reputation throughout the Middle Ages as a romantic hero.”