Safety Innovation - Safety Excellence Award

Milbank Manufacturing - Kansas City, Missouri

The Safety Innovation Award recognizes a manufacturer that best demonstrates how innovation within the organization has been developed and implemented to create significant safety, health and/or environmental improvements and operational effectiveness.

Over the last 10 years, Milbank has continuously demonstrated a commitment to workplace safety - experiencing a significant reduction in workplace injuries and investing in workforce training, facility improvements and a strong focus on the safety of its employees. Your participation in the Voluntary Protection Program through the US Department of Labor Occupation Safety and Health Administration for illustrates the company’s attention to providing a safe workplace environment.

Milbank’s inclusion of employees, empowering them to play a role in hazard identification, resolution and prevention is a critical component to the improvement with safety issues and the overall positive culture necessary in today’s manufacturing environment.

Milbank Manufacturing’s involvement in the community and within the industry, fostering strong relationships, and sharing safety procedure successes is also continued demonstration of why we are here today.


On behalf of Connell Insurance, proud sponsor of the Safety Excellence Award Program, and the Missouri Association of Manufacturers – we are honored to present Milbank Manufacturing the 2020 Safety Innovation Award.