2020 Safety Excellence Awards

Most Improved and

Safety Manufacturing Company of the Year

Paul Mueller - Kansas City, Missouri

The Safety Excellence Awards is a program developed to stimulate interest in accident prevention, maintain safe work environments and share best practices. The goal of the award program is to recognize manufacturing companies and individuals who are making significant contributions to safety, health and /or environmental compliance.

The Missouri Association of Manufacturers was honored to present TWO awards to the Paul Mueller Company - the Safety Excellence MOST IMPROVED Award and the SAFETY MANUFACTURER OF THE YEAR Award.

The Paul Mueller Company’s systematic approach to safety management to achieve the goal of creating specific processes and procedures to ensure safe task completion, along with a full spectrum of OSHA standard training program continue to align with industry best practices. Their Safety Culture through a clear understanding, effective leadership, and implementation processes, supported with well-communicated expectations, as their submissions stated, “Have created a sense of reassurance, satisfaction and pride – making Safety a part of each employees’ identity.”


On behalf of Connell Insurance, proud sponsor of the Safety Excellence Award Program, and the Missouri Association of Manufacturers –

we are honored to recognize the Paul Mueller Company for their continued commitment to the health and safety of their employees

and to the manufacturing industry.