Develop & Grow Your Brand

Marketing should be part of a manufacturing organization. It connects manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and customers to your product.

Remember, most start the purchase process for anything in a similar way - through an online search.

Industrial Branding

Branding for B2B industrial is much more complex for Consumer B2B or B2C marketing.  Industrial brands must promote many more factors regarding the manufacturer/vendor as much as the product it produces.  See the characteristics your buyers consider important.

Challenges of Manufacturing Marketing

COVID-19 and new Millennial customer/decision makers are creating challenges for industrial marketing that will require new approaches, particularly online Here are some of the issues and solutions.


Begin with a Social Media Marketing process. Understanding the various social media channels and how best to use each is important. Start with;

- Identify the social media objective

- Conduct a social media audit and analysis

- Develop and refine a Social Brand

- Select the social media channels to utilize

- Focus on Content Creation and Curation

- Manage your social media community and influence

- Measure and quantify success of the plan

- Manage and execute the plan


A manufacturer's website should at least have the following information:

  • Products and services (one page for each category and separate pages for each product), including pictures and videos.

  • The company's history, mission, vision, and differentiators (unique skills, technology, etc.)

  • The Team - highlight key management and employees

  • Contact form

  • Easy to find phone numbers

  • News blog - tell the story and share how customers have helped or served.

  • Good Title and Description Meta Tags for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)