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Legislative Updates


The Biden-⁠Harris Plan to Revitalize American Manufacturing and Secure Critical Supply Chains in 2022

FEBRUARY 24, 2022 

Executive Order on America’s Supply Chains

Executive Order 14017

FEBRUARY 24, 2022

The 2022 Missouri Legislative session began on January 5th.

Updates from The Capitol


Bills Assigned to Economic Development

HB1522-Ellebracht - Requires the Department of Economic Development to maintain a list of call centers that transfer jobs out of the country

HB1579-Mayhew, Don - Changes the law regarding tax incentives

HB1590-Fitzwater, Travis - Changes the laws regarding state contracts, taxation, and the Department of Economic Development

HB1598-Falkner, Bill - Changes the laws regarding tax increment financing districts

HB1685-Black, John - Establishes the Targeted Industrial Manufacturing Enhancement Zones Act

HB1894-Rogers, Wes - Authorizes the portion of Kansas City located in Clay County to establish a land bank

HB1985-Thompson, Terry - Authorizes tax deductions for financial institutions that provide loans in rural areas

HB2038-DeGroot, Bruce - Establishes the Entertainment Industry Jobs Act

HB2052-Riggs, Louis - Creates the 21st Century Missouri Broadband Deployment Task Force

HB2106-Gregory, Kurtis - Establishes the Show MO Act

HB2283-Bland Manlove, Ashley - Specifies that tax revenues dedicated to school districts cannot be reduced or redirected to accommodate special taxing districts

HB2326-Sharpe, Greg - Changes the law regarding industrial development corporations by terminating provisions applicable to only Lewis County

HB2418-Grier, Derek - Modifies the Missouri One Start Program

HB2435-Smith, Travis - Modifies the Missouri Works Program

HB2436-Houx, Dan - Creates a grant program for employers to enhance cybersecurity

HB2473-Appelbaum, LaDonna - Establishes the Show MO Act

SB 658-Cierpiot - Prohibits tax credits for the construction or rehabilitation of residences located in certain distressed areas after August 28, 2022

SB 688-Williams - Reauthorizes a tax credit for certain research expenses

SB 717-Washington - Authorizes a tax credit for urban farms located in a food desert

SB 721-Mosley - Establishes the Show Missouri Film and Digital Media Act

Missouri Legislature Resources

Bills to watch

SB 665-Bernskoetter - Modifies the duration of unemployment benefits based upon the Missouri average unemployment rate

SB 674-Hough - Creates a grant program for employers to enhance cybersecurity

SB 702-Eslinger - Creates a new unlawful employment practice

SB 706-Bean - Creates new provisions relating to labor organizations

SB 760-Hough - Creates new provisions relating to grants to employers to encourage employees to obtain upskill credentials

SB 777-Brattin - Creates new provisions relating to employment security

SB 808-Koenig - Creates new provisions relating to employment security

SB824-White - Creates a community solar pilot program

SB 867-Koenig - Establishes the Missouri Statewide Mechanical Contractor Licensing Act

SB 877-Bernskoetter - ​​Modifies provisions relating to business entities registered with the secretary of state

SB 893-Beck - Increases the minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2026

SB920-White - Modifies provisions relating to employee liability under workers' compensation laws

SB932-Eigel - Creates the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Fund

MAM working
with Missouri Legislators


MO Rep. Mike Henderson (117th) and
MO Rep. Dale Wright (116th)


MAM Executive Director with
MO Governor, Michael Parson


MO Rep. Barry Hovis (146th)


MO Rep. Bill Owens (131st)


MO Rep. Betsy Fogle (135th)


MO Lieutenant Governor, Mike Kehoe

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