Legislative Updates

Missouri Legislative session begins on January 6, 2021

Missouri State Capitol, Jefferson City

201 W Capitol Ave. Jefferson City, MO 65101

Bills assigned to Economic Development

SB 5-Wieland - Extends the authorization of AIM Zones until 2030

SB 36-Bernskoetter Establishes the Capitol Complex Tax Credit Act

SB 57-May - Establishes the Economic Distress Zone Fund

SB 85-Hegeman - Modifies provisions relating to low-income housing tax credits

SB 110-Cierpiot - Prohibits tax credits for the construction or rehabilitation of residences located in certain distressed areas after August 28, 2021

SB 125-Hough - Extends the expiration of the Fast Track Workforce Development Incentive Grant from August 28, 2022 to August 28, 2027

SB 127-Brown - Reauthorizes the wood energy tax credit until June 30, 2027

SB 148-Onder - Creates new provisions relating to worker classification 

SB 155-Koenig - Modifies provisions relating to tax credits for contributions to certain benevolent organizations

SB 174-Hough - Establishes the Targeted Industrial Manufacturing Enhancement Zones Act

SB183-O'Laughlin - Modifies definition of "wages" under employment security law to exclude termination and severance pay

SB 188-Beck - Establishes a tax credit for grocery stores in a food desert

SB 215-Hough - Repeals provisions authorizing regional economic development districts

SB 227-Arthur - Allows, rather than requires, the Department of Economic Development to recapture certain tax incentives

SB 253-Hegeman - Establishes a tax credit for certain alternative fuel refueling properties

SB 286-Hough - Creates and amends various provisions regulating limited liability companies and partnerships

SB 354-HoskinsExtends the sunset of tax credits for agricultural production

SB 355-Hoskins - Extends the sunset of the Meat Processing Facility Investment Tax Credit

SB 367-Hoskins - Establishes the Show Missouri Film and Digital Media Act

101st General Assembly, 1st Regular Session

Bills to follow

HB 87  - Enacts right-to-work provisions relating to labor organizations and workers

HB 95  - Requires all nonfood items sold in the state capitol to be made in the USA

HB 101  - Modifies provisions governing workforce development in elementary and secondary education

HB 159 - Modifies provisions for renewable energy technology

SB 118 - Right to Work

MAM working
with Missouri Legislators


MO Rep. Barry Hovis (146th)


MO Rep. Mike Henderson (117th) and
MO Rep. Dale Wright (116th)

MAM Executive Director with
MO Governor, Mike Parson


MO Rep. Betsy Fogle (135th)