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Exhibitor Resources


Tips for Exhibiting at a Trade Show

  • Openness is Key: Always arrange your booth in an open and inviting layout and be sure that booth representatives are standing, smiling and interacting with attendees.


  • Create Interactive Experience: Not all products and services are easy to display. Find a way to make your booth/products/services interactive to draw attendees in and give them an authentic (and memorable) user experience.


  • Always Authentic: Start conversations by asking genuine questions about the attendee and their role/company. They will likely follow up with the same questions, creating a more natural opportunity to introduce your brand.


  • Connect with Exhibitors: Most exhibitors at a Trade Show are targeting the same audience. Connect with your fellow exhibitors and share attendee contact information with them. Also, a great way to generate potential B2B business – you never know what other exhibitors might need in the future!


  • Market your Presence: Building anticipation and a strong online brand will only amplify your experience. Attendees are more likely to stop by your booth if they are familiar with your brand. Be sure to send out marketing material highlighting your booth at the show to both potential and current customers.


  • Identify Your Audience: Meet with management, marketing, and sales teams to identify goals and targets. Are you looking to build upon existing customer relationships or create new ones? Are you trying to build brand awareness or promote a new product? The answers to these questions will determine how you plan for a trade show and measure results.

  • Simple Design: Attendees decide to engage with an exhibit booth within a few seconds of looking at a design. Avoid oversaturating your booth design with too much text. Include enough information to spark interest and follow up with more detailed information once the attendee is hooked in conversation.


  • United Front: In addition to setting goals and targets, meeting with all departments involved will keep everyone on the same page with messaging and decision-making before, during and after the event.


  • Resources for Booth Marketing: We have several members that specialize in booth displays, marketing material, and promo items. Be sure to check our website for more information.

Resources for displays, signage, marketing material, promo items

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