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Panel Discussion: "The Culture of Safety"

     Facilitator:  Tony Spielberg, Manufacturing Ambassador, Cambridge Air Solutions

     Panelists:   Aaron Rice, EHS Director, EaglePicher Technologies

                        Blake Pruitt, Divisional EHS Manager, CSP, Bass Pro Shops Distribution Centers I White River Marine Group

                        Conner Lalonde, Safety Coordinator, Cambridge Air Solutions

Breakout Session V

     "Strategies for Limiting Liability: Perspectives and Examples from an Expert Witness" – Mark Heidebrecht, ErgoMethods

     "Selling Safety to Management" – Kinneth Wallace, Valor Manufacturing Training

     "Identifying General Industry Hazards" – Mark Frerking, Retired Department of Labor

Breakout Session VI

     "EHS Resources Available to Manufacturers" – Daniel Stark, On-Site Safety & Health Consultation &

          Doug Neidigh, Missouri State University Pollution Prevention Program

     "Preparing for a Painless Environmental Audit" – Eric Emmett, Environmental Operations Inc.

     "Pre-Planning for the Complexities of an EHS Emergency to Minimize Business Interruption" – Brian Wagler, SERVPRO-Missouri


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Panel Discussion: "The Culture of Safety"

Spielberg Head shot 1.jpg

Tony Spielberg - Manufacturing Ambassador, Cambridge Air Solutions

     Tony Spielberg is a visionary leader and strategic advisor with a blend of luxury retail and manufacturing operations expertise and 20 years of experience developing highly influential global brands.  Often recognized as an industry disruptor, Mr. Spielberg proudly embraces this moniker as he revolutionizes the manufacturing space by driving engagement and relationships to grow topline revenue. 

     Mr. Spielberg was appointed as Manufacturing Ambassador for Cambridge Air Solutions in 2020. In this role, he has introduced hundreds of manufacturers to Cambridge and engaged over 2,500 unique guests through facility tours within the first year. Highlighting the expertise of each team member, he has created a synergy that has elevated the culture and engaged the community at large.

     Mr. Spielberg holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Maryville University.  He and his wife, Lauren, are engaged parents and community leaders referred to by many as ‘encouraging, optimistic, and hope-filled’.

Aaron Rice - Head Shot.jpg

Aaron Rice - Director of EHS, EaglePicher Technologies

     Aaron Rice is the Director of Environmental, Health & Safety at EaglePicher Technologies.  With 17 years of experience in the EHS field, he has served in several different industries including consulting, municipal & state public health, commercial agriculture manufacturing, poultry processing, and battery & energetics manufacturing.  Aaron has a proven success in safety culture change and using that change to support continuous improvement within the manufacturing environment.
     Aaron received a B.S. in Environmental Health from Missouri Southern State University.

     “A supported and embedded safety program should be the foundation of operations within a manufacturing facility.  These programs can be leveraged to improve quality and communication throughout the facility, and increase manufacturing efficiency.”

Conner LaLonde.jpg

Conner LaLonde - Safety Coordinator, Cambridge Air Solutions

     Conner LaLonde is the Safety Coordinator at Cambridge Air Solutions. Relatively new to his role, Conner has spent the last 3 years as the company’s OSH professional. Prior to that, he worked on the manufacturing floor as an electrical technician and production tester. Conner has experienced the growing pains of small to medium sized family-owned businesses with substantial growth year over year. Conner has worked diligently to implement new programs and policies amidst relentless production schedules, consistently lead the safety committee across two shifts and two locations, and proactively engage employees in the Safety and Health Management System. He has seen plenty of efforts fit in to a company culture, and just as many not fit in. Conner understands that safety and health is foundational to a people centric and engaging culture.

     Conner has earned the Advanced Safety Certificate from the National Safety Council and is continuing his education in pursuit of a B.S. in Occupational Safety and Health.

Blake Pruitt-Headshot.png

Blake Pruitt - Divisional EHS Manager, CSP, Bass Pro Shops Distribution Centers | White River Marine Group

     Blake Pruitt is the Divisional Environmental, Health, Safety & Security Manager for Bass Pro Shops Distribution Centers and White River Marine Group (Bass Pro's Boat Manufacturing Division).  In total, Blake is responsible for 17 locations across the United States and also partners with the Bass Pro Retail and Big Cedar Hospitality teams.

     Blake received a B.S. in Industrial Safety from the University of Central Oklahoma.  He has held various EHS roles throughout many organizations including G E Aviation, G E Power & Water, Eaton-Vehicle Group, Eaton-Aviation and Ingersoll Rand-Trane.  In 2019, Blake was recruited to join White River Marine Group and has grown within the company ever since.

     Blake enjoys spending his free time with his family or can be found on the water enjoying his number one passion: large mouth bass fishing.


"Strategies for Limiting Liability: Perspectives and Examples from an Expert Witness"

Mark H. Headshot 2022.jpg

Mark Heidebrecht - Owner, ErgoMethods | Managing Partner, Ergonomics International

     Heidebrecht has more than 20 years of experience and has provided forensic and expert witness services in the areas of biomechanics, human factors, ergonomics and work physiology. He has testified in more than 75 State Court and US Federal Court cases including the Federal OSHA hearing regarding the National Ergonomic Standard.

     Heidebrecht is a certified Ergonomist/Human Factors Professional and board-certified Exercise Physiologist. His expertise includes the implementation of ergonomic risk reduction processes, biomechanical analysis, upper/lower body ergonomic assessments, human factors analysis, physical demand analysis, job matching, work physiology and job specific functional testing. 


"Selling Safety to Management"

     We all know that creating a successful safety program requires buy-in from all members of the team. But what happens when there is resistance from your peers or upper management? This discussion will consist of communication practices such as empathy, problem-solving, and influence. These tools are important for helping all levels of the organization to understand how the safety program is a partner to operational excellence in all aspects


Kinneth Wallace - Solutions Consultant, Valor Manufacturing Training

     Kinneth is an Account Executive at Valor Manufacturing Training.  He has over 25 years of service in manufacturing and food processing with ten of those years as an EHS leader and consultant. Kinneth has partnered with teams at all levels of organizations to enable culture change that results in sustained, measurable EHS success.


"Identifying General Industry Hazards"

mark f.jpg

Mark Frerking - Retired, OSHA Consultant Supervisor | MO Department of Labor On-Site Consultation Program

     Mark Frerking graduated from the University of Central Missouri with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Hygiene.  Before recently retiring, Mark worked for the Missouri Department of Labor's

On-Site Consultation Program for 28 years.  During his time with the Program, he performed onsite inspections and assisted employers with OSHA compliance.  Mark was also a lead consultant on OSHA SHARP site evaluations and has participated on many Voluntary Protection Program evaluation teams.


"EHS Resources Available to Manufacturers"

Daniel Stark Headshot.png

Daniel Stark - Program Manager, MO On-Site Safety and Health Consultation Program | MO Department of Labor and Industrial Relations

     Daniel Stark is the Program Manager for the Missouri On-Site Safety and Health Consultation Program within the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations.  Before becoming Program Manager, Mr. Stark was an occupational safety and health consultant and supervisor for 10 years with the Missouri On-Site Safety and Health Consultation Program.  He previously served as the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) coordinator within the Kansas Department of Labor.

Before being employed with the state of Kansas, Mr. Stark served as an Industrial Hygienist with the Nebraska Department of Labor.  

     He holds a Bachelor’s of Science and a Master’s Degree in Industrial Hygiene from the University of Central Missouri and is certified with the American Board of Industrial Hygiene as a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH).

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Doug Neidigh- Sustainability Coordinator, Missouri State University

     Details Soon!


"Preparing for a Painless Environmental Audit"

In this class, Eric Emmett will go over what you can do at your facility so you are better prepared for that dreaded regulator environmental audit.  He will also cover the protocol and attitude needed to ensure the audit process is both a learning experience and mutually beneficial for both the auditor and auditee.

Eric Emmett Professional Photo.jpg

Eric Emmett - Senior Director of Compliance & Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Operations, Inc.

     Mr. Emmett is the Senior Director of Compliance and Industrial Hygiene for Environmental Operations, Inc.  He is a licensed professional engineer in over 15 states with over 22 years of experience assisting industrial facilities with their compliance with applicable environmental regulations.  Mr. Emmett helps his clients comply with regulations such as Air, Waste, Water, SPCC, Compliance reporting as well as assisting his clients with implementing environmental management systems to ensure continued compliance.


"Pre-Planning for the Complexities of an EHS Emergency to Minimize Business Interruption"


Brian Wagler - Co-Owner, SERVPRO-Missouri

     Brian Wagler is an expert in the restoration industry - understanding and navigating the complexities involved in getting a business back up and running in the event of an EHS emergency through a complete pre-planning and emergency readiness profile process. His expertise, along with leveraging an extensive network and knowledge base, Brian has worked with hundreds of companies in minimizing business interruptions through the restoration of a safe and healthy working environment.

     Brian co-owns multiple SERVPRO franchises with over 40 employees, and plays an active role in the project management of businesses damaged by fire, water, mold, bio-hazard situations, and much more.