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The objective of our Manufacturing Connection Groups is to provide connection opportunities for those working in the various manufacturing roles and to provide a platform for networking, to share information, ideas and best practices. To bring real value to this initiative, each Group will consist of 10-12 participants from different manufacturers within a given region.

Connection Groups meet on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Members of a Manufacturing Connection Group gain access to an online forum to ask questions and share information with all members within the same Group. With the goal of connection driving our vision, there is no cost to be a participant.

Requirements: Members of a Manufacturing Connection Group must be working at a manufacturing company to join and retain membership.


Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is a journey, not a destination. Whether your company has been on it’s CI journey for years, or you are looking to start, this is the connection group to join. Share ideas, information and best practices and connect with other manufacturers in Continuous Improvement roles.

Industrial Drill


Marketing plays a key role in many different areas of a business.  It can lead to increased sales, build brand awareness, and drive growth. With more opportunities for B2B marketing, it is important to effectively market your products, services and company.  Connect with other marketers in the manufacturing industry by joining this connection group.

Online shop

Quality Assurance

The role of quality control and assurance is one of the most important steps in the manufacturing process. Join this connection group to strengthen your existing Quality Assurance program or to gain insight on how other manufacturers address this role and responsibility.

Engineer on Tablet

Human Resources

Recruitment, workforce development, benefits, COVID-19 regulations and more have caused challenges for HR professionals in every organization. It is important to have a network to reach out to in times where you might not have all the answers. Join this connection group to discuss problems, solutions, best practices, and more with other HR professionals in manufacturing.

Business Meeting

Environment, Health & Safety

Nothing speaks to a company's culture like a strong safety program. Keeping up with the latest information and compliance requirements is essential. Join this connection group to meet others tasked with EHS roles for developing, implementing and maintaining a solid safety program.

Safety Wear


The leadership role in manufacturing requires wearing many hats, especially for the small manufacturer. Connecting with other manufacturing leaders to discuss challenges, share solutions and create a network of resources and information is critical for success. 

Business Presentation

NextGen Manufacturers

In an environment of a skilled workforce shortage, supporting the next generation of manufacturers is essentials. With an average age of 43 for those working in manufacturing

in Missouri, it is important to support the growth and development of tomorrow's manufacturer.

Manufacturing Assembly
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